The Crew

Ann-Sofie – Chef Cook, First Officer and Boatswain

Hi! I’m Ann-Sofie. Primary I am the Chef cook on Blue Horizon. Good food gives great sailing and happy crewmembers. Very important! Secondary, I am also the First Officer, Ables Seaman, Boatswain and Deckboy depending on the situation and needs on our ship.

Tommy – Captain, proplemsolver and Machine Engineer

Howdy! As the ships Captain I have the important role to maintain the security and safety onboard, in all weathers and situations. However, in reality a believe I put most of my time to solve technical issues and challenges that pops up everywhere 😉

William – Helmsman and Deckboy

Hello! I’m a salty lad for sure. I just continue to fish mackerell on a wavy ocean with our dingy, dispite seasickness and pukes. On the ship I have the important roles as helmsman and able seaman. On occasions, and as soon as I have the chance, I sneak up on the solid rocks to do some heavy meat barbecues. I need meat! A lot of meat!

Celine – Deckboy and professional rig climber

Hi! I believe my job on this boat is is to have fun, relax and sometimes help the other crew memebers when things getting tricky. My favorite task is to climb the mast and rig setting. Just love to sit on this little swing that you can use to get up in the mast and then just look at the view.

YouTube channel – @sailingbluehorizon

Watch sailing videos at @sailingbluehorizon youtube channel. Take part of tips and follow our ocean adventures!